7 Weeks to polish your technique, boost your evolution & reveal the vibrant gem that you are as a dancer!

Ah, Belly Dance! Such a wonderful and intricate Art Form. Once you're addicted, all you want is to get better at it... And sometimes, you just don't know what to do next to evolve quickly & efficiently ! Am I right ?

Do you recognize yourself?

  • You have issues being motivated to practice regularly alone at home
  • Your body is not strong and flexible to support your evolution
  • You want to work on your elegance and graciousness
  • You need to drill your moves and layerings, learn new combinations
  • You don't know what to do with your arms when you dance
  • Your alignments could be improved to dance safely ever after and pain free

I know how it is to feel stagnant. You feel that you COULD grow as a dancer, but you always end up doing the same moves, facing the same challenges or mistakes, and frowning at your dance videos!
Not mentioning the stiffness of the hips with this lovely movement, or the weakness of the core when you need to stand straight to do fast turns, or again this damn belly-flutter that won't come out properly...

There is more than just dancing to become the Belly Dancer of your dreams

Here's how much you can grow once you're in the program:

  • You learn new drills, layerings and combinations and how to create your own
  • Get a complete training for isolations and movements of each body-part - from head to toes
  • You're more flexible & stronger : learn how to stretch safely & train each area of the body & grow into technique
  • You learn more about anatomy of movement
  • You're now really self-driven, confident, motivated, and have a positive mind
  • You get personal feedbacks and your questions answered
  • You're part of a supportive and uplifting community of dancers!

I'm passioned about helping others grow as dancers

It all start with working on the external part of the dance : technique skills, posture and alignments, personal practice, stretching and work-out.
But we don't stop here: we also take a deep dive into the internal world of the dancer. Mindset, habits, confidence, creation, improvisation, interpretation...
The classes are structured to get you more and more comfortable with the external part and the deeper part of your dance life.

Let Go - Feel - Evolve

This course is designed to help you define what exactly you need to do when you practice at home. Then, you come up with the perfect routine, suiting your goals and challenges, and most important : now you are able to stick to it!

During live classes, you discover new movements, work on drills and layerings, to improve your technique level and get inspired.

With specific exercises that build upon each other, you boost the skills, the strength and the fluidity of your body to enhance your entire Belly-Dance capabilities.

We focus on each part of the body, so the training is complete.
Not a single toe is left on the side ;)

How does that resonates in you?

Is this program for you?

  • You have learnt your basics of belly-dance techniques
  • You want to improve, to go to the next level
  • You like diving into details of movement, technique & theory
  • You are ready to invest a bit of time and effort on yourself for a great change
  • You are a caring and respectful person - that one is very important to me - good vibes only ;)

You have all the potential inside of you. We all do! What helps us achieve our dreams?
Knowledge and practice.
You want to work on your dance from the inside out.
Build your style and your skills on the capacities of the most internal parts of your body and your mind.
That's what I want to work with you on details, posture, alignments, mindset, habits and drilling.

I can't wait to start working with you, to see you evolve, and to coach you for 7 weeks!

So, let's meet again inside the program!

Much love,

Please note that this is a no-refund policy. I truly believe that we need to commit to grow. If you know you can back-out, you are less likely to commit fully to achieve your goals.
If you are truly committed to evolve as a dancer, but this is a bad month for you financially, then, email me to discuss a payment plan.